Atmel AT24C512C [DATASHEET] 3 8720C–SEEPR–7/12 3. Block Diagram 4. Pin Descriptions Serial Clock (SCL) — The SCL input is used to positive-edge clock data into each EEPROM device and negative-edge

AT24C256C [DATASHEET] Atmel-8568F-SEEPROM-AT24C256C-Datasheet_012015 8 Figure 6-5. Bus Timing Figure 6-6. Write Cycle Timing Note: 1. The write cycle time t WR is the time from a valid stop condition of a write sequence to the end of the internal clear/write cycle. SCL SDA In SDA Out t F t HIGH t LOW t LOW t R t AA t DH t BUF t SU.STO t SU.DAT ... AT24C512C-SSHD-T EEPROM Serial-2Wire 512K-bit 64K x 8 3.3V/5V 8-Pin SOIC T/R - Tape and Reel (Alt: ... AT24C512c-SSHD Datasheets Context Search. Catalog Datasheet