Title Keyword(s)/Phrases: ... Course Instance: Key features of Cambridge English exams Cambridge English exams: • are based on realistic tasks and situations – preparing for their exam gives learners real-life language skills • accurately and consistently test all four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking • encourage positive learning experiences, and Umbrella Code: Subject Code: Module Code: Module Name: Taught Sem I or II: CS201 Computer Science Core: CS221: CS208: Operating Systems: I: CS209: Algorithms & Scientific Computing Systems

A proctor should use the regular examination booklet when reading an examination to a student with a disability. The principal should provide the proctor with an examination booklet one hour prior to the required starting time so that the proctor can become familiar with the examination questions before reading them to the student. must read all instructions on the examination paper and answer books. A copy of the answer book cover and instructions appears on the last page of this document. During the allotted reading time you may write notes, including on your exam paper and in your answer booklet. You must not write until instructed that reading time has commenced.