Lumileds LUXEON ® Family LEDs. Lumileds LUXEON ® Family LEDs enable solid-state lighting solutions that are more efficient, more reliable, and longer-lasting than ever before. LUXEON LEDs support global agendas to reduce CO2 emissions, minimize new energy plant expansion, and build more environmentally friendly products. GENERAL ILLUMINATION LUXEON M Brightest, most uniform and highest efficacy multi-die emitter LUXEON M is an illumination grade multi-die LED designed to enable outdoor and industrial applications targeting either high efficiency or low cost.

DS237-ZH LUXEON SunPlus 2835 Line Product Datasheet 20191016 ©2019 Lumileds Holding B.V. All rights reserved. 2 General Product Information LUXEON 4014 Datasheet DS205 20130502 ©2013 Philips Lumileds Lighting Company. 2. General Information. Product Nomenclature. LUXEON 4014 is tested and binned hot at T.