While in Xcode I have a boatload of red errors relating to Apple Mach-O Linker errors. I am confused if it is a version issue or something else. I have the following versions running: Xcode 6.2 GMS 1.4.1772 I've read various threads online but nothing seems to work and half of them say to downgrade, while the other half say to upgrade. Any help? It seems you are missing files from Plugins/iOS (.mm and .h). Were they imported correctly? They also should be part of generated Xcode project.

Mar 14, 2013 · What I have found with testing is that you can have files in your project that are not linked and it also appears to be OK to import them in to other files in your project. Jul 27, 2019 · Ninox is a cloud-based custom database applications builder solution for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and web browsers. Ninox allows users to build custom apps with the help of custom actions, built-in templates, scripting, and drag-and-drop formulas.