Densities in foam sheet products range from soft and lightweight to very rigid, based on the foam’s cell structure. Open cell foam is soft and lightweight where as closed cell foam is very rigid. Polyurethane foam sheets range in densities depending on application ranging from flexible, open-cell sheets used in cushions and mattresses to ... Home > PVC/NBR Closed Cell Soundproofing Foam Vinyl Nitrile > America Mat Closed Cell Foam Sheet Non Adhesive 2" thick 36"x48" 3 sheets per box 36 sq ft per box AMERICA MAT SHEETS AND ROLLS AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP OR LOW COST SHIPPING FROM SEVERAL LOCATIONS INCLUDING PHOENIX, AZ-LOS ANGELES, CA.-SAN DIEGO, CA-SACRAMENTO, CA-SF/OAK-CHICAGO, IL-ST.

Closed cell foam is an organizational tool that helps you keep tools in place while also protecting them from damage related to water, chemicals, and other contamination. This foam won’t absorb any of these contaminants, so you don’t need to worry about wear and tear on your tools. Neoprene Foam Specifications and Classifications. Our range of neoprene closed cell foam materials all have flame retardant specifications conforming to FMVSS302 classification. We also have a closed cell neoprene foam which has a higher flame retardant specification conforming to UL94 HF1 classification.