Gold Dot vs Federal HST LE 45acp I have decided to move into JHP for SD and carry from FMJ-FN ammo and not sure which one of the two is more accurate to POA/POI . Not so much worried about the expansion part , i'm sure they both will get the job done in that field . Over all points the PDX1 bullet out performed the Gold Dots hence the reason the FBI changed to Ranger Bonded over their Gold Dots. Realistically it is a wash, Use both. The PDX1 you have had long enough that most likely it was produced by skilled labor at the old plant. The QC problems with the 40 cal ammo is mostly from the new plant.

May 23, 2010 · Unless I am mistaken, the Ranger-T series are simply the black talon with a different name and case (no black case). I can never find the Ranger-T in the calibers I need, so I just stick with Gold Dot... Jul 18, 2018 · The Gold Dot bullets are bonded, which means they're almost immune to core-jacket separation. It also means they have a stellar reputation for high weight retention, deep penetration and reliable expansion. Like the Winchester Ranger T-Series of ammo, the Speer Gold Dot is another favorite type of ammo for law enforcement agencies. .45ACP...Winchester Ranger T, vs: Speer Gold Dot? I have loaded my 4506 with the Gold Dots for awhile now, but came across a box of the Ranger T in a trade. glockman99