Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array ZUMO-SENSOR: RC Switch with Small Low-Side MOSFET 1210: 50:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP Extended Shaft MMGEARMOT-HP50-EXT: Pololu 30T Track Set 30TTRACK: 8-pin PIC prototyping PCB PCB02A PCB02A: Pololu TReX Jr Dual Motor Controller DMC02 24V 2.5A TREX Jnr

For a similar array with three sensors, consider our QTR-3A reflectance sensor array. The sensors on the QTR-8A are also available individually as the QTR-1A reflectance sensor, and the QTR-L-1A is an alternative designed to be used with the board perpendicular to the surface. This sensor is used in most of our line following examples. The QTR-8RC reflectance sensor array is intended as a line sensor, but it can be used as a general-purpose proximity or reflectance sensor. The module is a convenient carrier for eight IR emitter and receiver (phototransistor) pairs evenly spaced at intervals of 0.375" (9.525 mm).