Created with Highcharts 7.1.2 Since the beginning of the financial market turmoil in August 2007, the Federal Reserve's balance sheet has grown in size and has changed in composition. Total assets of the Federal Reserve have increased significantly from $870 billion on August 8, 2007, to $4.5 trillion on January 14, 2015,... Jun 03, 2019 · The balance sheet Like any other financial institution, the Fed has a balance sheet with two sides: assets and liabilities. Before the crisis, the Fed’s balance sheet was roughly $870 billion dollars, or about 7% of GDP. This size largely reflected the amount of currency in circulation, which was by far its biggest liability at the time.

Jul 14, 2015 · The Fed balance sheet is the Federal Reserve's tally of its assets and liabilities, a set of figures the central bank issues every Thursday. The Fed's liabilities consist of U.S. dollars that are either circulating in the general economy or being held as the reserves that depository institutions — such as banks — are... When you hear about the Federal Reserve's balance sheet, know that it refers to the same concept as any other use of the term balance sheet in finance -- an accounting of an organization's assets... Assets and Liabilities. Just like any other balance sheet, the Fed's balance sheet consists of assets and liabilities. On every Thursday, the Fed issues its weekly H.4.1 report, which provides a consolidated statement of the condition of all the Federal Reserve banks, in terms of their assets and liabilities.