How to filter a worksheet based on a range of cells in another worksheet in Excel? For two worksheets with same table style and some common data, you may need to filter one worksheet based on a specific column in another. This article provides method for you to solve this problem. Filter a worksheet based on another worksheet in Excel Transfer filtered data to another worksheet with links. Hi there I want to filter data using excel,which have different 10 worksheet in one work book.I want to use date of Arrival which is the date range criteria and want to copy which have the same date in one worksheet called extract data.and the same date will be copied in one extract worksheet along with the name of the worktsheet.

I have a workbook in excel 2010 with 3 worksheets. On each one I have data in five columns that I need to filter with some criteria. At this time, on each sheet I put the same filter on each ... You can apply filters to only one range of cells on a sheet at a time. When you apply a filter to a column, the only filters available for other columns are the values visible in the currently filtered range. Only the first 10,000 unique entries in a list appear in the filter window.