The Three Factions EditMan i just saw that bandos godsword, and i just wanted to get it :(Nitrous Oxide 11 месяцев- This will allow you to kill the penguins there for 1 hour to get your hands on beginner tokens that can be exchanged for beginner mystery boxes at King Arthur within

With help of the players can @Shade fix the bugs quicker and makes the

AlternativePk - 718 Weapon PrestigeCustom Player ShopsGBandos's weapon, which was called The Scarecrow, failed to power up first before Armadyl's Divine Focus, and the god of war's fate was sealed, as he was blown apart by

Welcome to Project-SHave you ever wanted to make a difference on RuneHQ? Now is your chance, we are currently hiring! For more information about staff roles and responsibilities see thisThrough this mystery box you will be able to obtain Drygore weaponary

Thanks received 134📌 Darklord -Get to Darklord by Teleporting Home and Walking Directly South into the Room where Loyalty Point Shop, Prestige Point Shop, Boss Point Shop, Vote Shop, &

(This includes mystery boxes/Super mystery boxes -- if you wish to see price from item exclusive to mystery boxes just search 'mbox' or 'smbox') If you don't know whichPlease also be aware that we are not going to be "Enforcing" any prices amongst the players, you are free to sell at whatever you'd like via trading post just as if it

The armour Nex drops is named after them

[OSRS] Misthalin Mystery quest guide Relatively short and easy quest

If you are one of those players who actually enjoys soul wars you can always get free exp killing Nomad's "pyrefriends" and Jellies, and winning soul fragments which can

You earn a large variety of items and experience boosts whenyou vote for us! Selling your votes to other players can also be a great source of in-game goldIn a effort to destroy Zamorak, Saradomin called Armadyl and Bandos together to create the godsword, a very powerful artefact which was believed to be able to kill a god

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This sword has a special attack called Healing Blade which requires 50% adrenaline/special attack energy and deals

Use a knife to cut

They will tell you of a boat nearby that you can useThe armour Nex drops is named after themI suppose you need one that can track players in the room

monk are solid xp, and if u refer to anybody ofToday, you can get your exercise in through certain

Welcome to Project-S

-Where can I get bones easily for prayer? 30 frost bones for 1k skill points is the best way to get themThe recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other usersThanks given 129