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Microsoft Skype for Business incorporates voice calls, video calls, Instant Messaging, online meetings (up to 250 participants), and screen sharing in one solution. HWU staff and students can access Skype for Business on the HWU desktop or a personal device ... Skype has revolutionized internet communications by extending Skype to the global business community with Skype Connect. Enjoy a wealth of features that support and enhance your business communications. Skype Connect can be the reliable, scalable and simple solution for every kind of business Low cost global rates for outbound calling Jan 07, 2020 · All Skype accounts transitioned to Microsoft accounts. However, Skype users need to update their profiles to enjoy the perks of having a Microsoft account. A possible reason why you're seeing two Skype accounts under the same email address is because you might have signed in to Skype using your Microsoft account instead of your Skype Name.