1756 ControlLogix Power Supplies Specifications Standard Power Supplies Catalog Numbers 1756-PA72, 1756-PA75, 1756-PB72, 1756-PB75, 1756-PC75, 1756-PH75 ControlLogix-XT Power Supplies Catalog Numbers 1756-PAXT, 1756-PBXT Redundant Power Supplies Catalog Numbers 1756-PA75R, 1756-PB75R Chassis Adapter Module Catalog Number 1756-PSCA2 ControlLogix DC (10-30V) Diagnostic Module 5 Publication 1756-IN069C-EN-P - October 2000 Note the Power Requirements This module receives power from the 1756 chasis power supply and requires 2 sources of power from the backplane: •150mA at 5.1V dc •3mA at 24V dc Add this current/power value (0.84W) to the requirements of all other

Buy 1756-IB16I / 1756-IB16I Allen Bradley Input Module | Controllogix from Distributor Santa Clara Systems. We Offer Fast Same-Day Shipping Worldwide! Click to Check if In-Stock. Digital I/O Modules 3 Publication 1746-IN027C-EN-P - August 2008 Important User Information Solid state equipment has operational characteristics differing from those of electromechanical equipment. Safety Guidelines for the Application, Installation and Maintenance of Solid State Controls (publication specifications I/O Modules. Digital DC Input Modules (Please select number of Removable terminal Blocks as addded in the list.): 10-30 VDC Fast Isolated Peer to Peer Input 16 Pts (36 Pin)